History of fire arms in India

Gunpowder flask(Mughal,Late 18th century AD) Source: National Museum

Fire Arms : The invention of gun powder in the early 14th century A.D. opened a new chapter in the history of Indian arms. During the period, both inflamable and explosive powers were used in warfare. These were fire-weapons and not fire arms. In 1526, Babur, the founder of Mughal dynasty in India had used cannons of considerable size. These were drawn by bullocks, horses and camels. During the course of time, shoulder fire arms were developed which could be used by the individuals and so were produced matchlocks, flint-locks, and percussioncap muzzle loading guns. Such fire arms including pistols, revolvers and multi-barrelled short arms are a few noteworthy specimens of this gallery. The gun powder flasks enhance the beauty of the show cases. The Indian weapons, by and large, are inscribed, damascened, enamelled and embellished in many forms, and quite a few of them may be treated as excellent works of art.

Source: National Museum


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