How to get a weapon ?

Source: India Today

  • The applicant has to approach a police commissioner’s office or the district magistrate, fill a standard form stating he/she needs a weapon for self-protection or sport. He has to prove the need for self-protection by producing a written police complaint or prove a history of threats.
  • However, the unwritten rule is that only those with the right connections can actually get a licence—a Member of Parliament, for instance, can recommend a gun licence.
  • The police, however, must be convinced that the applicant has a genuine need for the weapon and that he/she has no criminal record.
  • Once the licence is issued, the applicant can buy the weapon directly from ordnance factories, another licence holder, authorised gun dealers or import the weapon.

Delhi alone has 40,000 licenced weapons. According to reports, 8,801 cases relating to the Arms Act were registered in Delhi in last two years. Little wonder then that in 2007 alone, 35 people were shot dead by firearms in the Capital. Says a senior Delhi police officer, “In Delhi, the number of licenced weapons is 40,000 but the number of illegal firearms is double.
Licenced weapons are mostly used in cases of suicide or domestic violence.” The situation in Mumbai is no different. While records show that only 71 licences were issued in 2006 and only 90 have been handed out till now this year, the ground reality is quite different. people have easy access to country-made revolvers that enter the state from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and other northern states. Country-made guns have almost become a cottage industry in several parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

Cities like Hyderabad and Chennai have not remained untouched by this culture of violence. Gunshots rang through the campus of Deccan College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, in April this year when Umedullah Khan, a second-year engineering student opened fire on Mukarram Ali Siddiqui, a rival student leader.
In October last year, Chennai was shaken by the murder of a Marwari businessman Menak Chand, who was allegedly shot dead with a 9mm Chinese pistol by his wife Pramila Devi.

Shoot out

  • November 27, 2007
    City: Mumbai
    Crime:The jilted lover of a 23-year-old model Moushami Das arrived at her apartment and shot dead her mother and uncle and then ended his own life.
  • October 29, 2007
    City: Mumbai
    Crime: Sibling rivalry ended in bloodshed when hotelier Lalit D’Souza shot and wounded his sister Lorna over a parking spot dispute.
  • October 29, 2007
    City: Delhi
    Crime: Delhi-based builder Sulekh Malik’s son Varun was allegedly shot dead in the posh Vasant Kunj market area by his friend Moti, who later surrendered in the city court.
  • September 2007
    City: Mumbai
    Crime: Hotel owner Mohan Shetty reportedly shot at his younger brother Manohar at their advocate’s office over a long festering property dispute.
  • April 2007
    City: Hyderabad
    Crime: In a shootout on the campus of Deccan College of Engineering and Technology, Umedullah Khan opened fire on fellow student Mukarram Ali Siddiqui.
  • October 23, 2006
    City: Chennai
    Crime: Marwari businessman Menak Chand was allegedly shot dead with a 9mm Chinese pistol by his wife Pramila Devi.

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  1. nitesh on

    i wana buy a 9mm pistol in delhi. and some bullets also all i want someone who help me in buy a 9mm pistol . i’ll have 55k was that enough for a pistol to buy it.
    reply soon to my mail id and calll me 7503736668

  2. parambir singh hanjra on

    is it .22 pistol that you ae looking for?, well if you have a .32 pistol for 55k i will buy it. my liscence is for pistol / revolver.

  3. rajesh on

    western u.p

  4. mukundan.d on

    i am an colege student can i get an liscenced pistol…….

  5. mashkoor alam on

    mere naam se ek gun licence hai dusra rivolvar ka licence mil sakta hai ya nahin

  6. shiva on

    I nee a shot gun & bultes .1round I has threat also .because I ned an urgently recvared .my cel nam .9912866677

  7. virendra1984 on

    The law of the land does not ask us to prove a need of fire-arm or a threat to life for it.
    Per the Arms Act 1959, one should be :
    a) more than 21 years old,
    b) should not have a history of physical or mental illness and
    c) should not have been convicted of a violent crime.
    If you pass on these three, you are eligible for a license. Anything added on top of that is the unconstitutional and colonial bullsh** of the Government or some babus looking for bribe.
    Those who took the pain of taking such cases to court and fight for their right .. got what they wanted. It would be a long duel but worth it.
    The very reason one has to go through this much hassle today, is the long standing apathy of the people towards the government inching into the rights and liberties of its people.

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