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Antique pistol found in locker

Source: TOI
13 Oct 2006, 0231 hrs IST, TNN

MUMBAI: The British may have left us six decades ago but fascinating traces of empire continue to pop up in unexpected places. On Tuesday, when
an unclaimed locker at the State Bank of India’s head office at Fort was finally opened, the authorities found a gun and a small pile of ammo: an automatic Mauser pistol and five magazines with 261 cartridges.

The locker, registered in the name of Lt A B Greenwood, also had a copy of The Times of India dated September 14, 1923.

Brijesh Singh, deputy commissioner of police (zone-I), said on Wednesday that the bank came across the little haul when it was checking on its unclaimed lockers. On January 27 this year, two carbines and 12 grenades, believed to have been stashed away by Khalistani terrorists, were found in a locker at the SBI’s Bandra branch. The SBI was earlier known as the Imperial Bank. The police believe that the Mauser pistol and the cartridges were placed in safe-keeping before Independence. Seven big cartridges, inscribed with ‘K-10 VIII’, a rod to clean the barrel, a wooden box, some documents and a holster were also in the locker. The Times of India copy has a prominent advertisement from Richardson & Cruddas, the 1858 engineering firm whose nameplate still dominates the factory shed at Byculla. It was nationalised in 1972.

After the general manager of the bank, Tarachand Walve, informed the MRA Marg police about the find, a team of policemen arrived on Tuesday morning to take possession of the goods.

From the documents available DCP Brijesh Singh provided additional details: ‘‘There was a letter from the deputy post master general to Greenwood acknowledging receipt of the two packets found in the locker. There was also a piece of paper which stated that the automatic pistol had been custom made for a Rajah (whose name is not mentioned) and that it cost Rs 300.

“The cartridges cost Rs 200, according to another receipt. The receipt also mentioned that the pistol was a present given to Greenwood,” Singh added.

Unfortunately, there are no personal papers to give us a lead to learning more about Greenwood’s identity or his address. But given that the weapon has lain peacefully in the locker for 83 years, the police have ruled out a possible conspiracy. The ISI has not been blamed.

Arms, weapons gallery planned in State museum

Source The Hindu
J.S. Ifthekhar

  • Work order issued to set it up at a cost of Rs.10 lakhs
  • Gun used by Tipu Sultan will be the main attraction for visitors
  • 200 swords, blades, guns, cannons, etc. to be displayed

HYDERABAD: An exclusive arms and weapons gallery is being planned in the Andhra Pradesh State Museum in Public Gardens here. Work order has been issued for the Rs. 10-lakh gallery, which is expected to be ready by March end.

Two hundred swords, blades, guns, daggers, bayonets, cannons, pistols belonging to the 18th and 20th century will be on display on the second floor . The weaponry is now lying in the reserve collection of the museum. Attractive display panels are being designed to showcase the armaments, which represent the evolution and usage of weapons of domestic, carpentry, agricultural and war.

Some of these arms were exhibited earlier along with other things. “Now it is proposed to have a separate gallery,” said J. Kedareshwari, Director, Archaeology and Museums.

The gun used by Tipu Sultan will be the main attraction for visitors. It has an inscription in golden letters and a symbol of the tiger. The arms of Deccan of medieval and late medieval periods comprise mainly of war weapons such as battleaxes, swords, daggers, `jambias’, curved swords, lancers, it is said.

During the last two-and-a-half years the department has completely reorganised 16 galleries in the museum at a whopping cost of Rs. 2 crores.

District museums
The department is going in a big way to set up district museums to highlight the evolution, heritage and culture of the particular district. As part of this plan it is proposed to open museums at Vishakapatnam and Vizianagaram on May 18 coinciding with the International Museum Day, Dr. Kedareshwari said.

For the first time, the latter will have a `Hall of Fame’ to showcase important personalities of the district.

Post independence weapons NAXALS, SEPERATISTS, TERRORISTS

Insas rifles, revolvers and pistols, SLRs, .303 rifles , short machine gun, AK 47,



The assault rifle of Russian make is widely used both by terrorists and law and enforcement forces. Design for the rifle was ready in 1944 and it was introduced in the Red Army in 1947. The AK-47 is considered efficient and is used for anti-naxal operations in the state.

MP-5 Sub Machine Guns

These guns were designed and developed by a German company Heckler and Koch in the 1960s, and are now used by armed forces and law enforcement units in 40 countries.

Work on MP-5 began in 1965 and in two years it was being used by German armed forces. The guns will be given to quick response teams of the anti-terrorist squad and other special units. This gun has several variants and its rate of fire is 800 rounds/minute.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper rifles are used around the world and are famous for long range accuracy. These rifles are used by both armed forces and police departments and first came into use during World War I. Modern sniper rifles can be categorised in two classes: military and law enforcement. The state police plans to use them for anti-terrorist and anti-naxal operations.


A carbine is a firearm similar to a rifle or musket, but generally shorter and of lesser power. In Maharashtra carbines are used by constables and staff in the special protection units which guards ministers and other VVIPs in the state. Many carbines, especially modern designs, were developed from rifles, being essentially shortened versions of full rifles firing the same ammunition, although usually at a lower velocity.

Glock Pistols

Elite squads in the state police and even the special protection group which provides security to VVIPs in Delhi use these pistols. The Austrian make pistols are light and considered efficient and are named after its founder Gaston Glock.

The Glock handguns are in use by a majority of US and international law enforcement agencies and military personnel. Glock handguns are also very popular with civilians, especially for personal protection. The US-led Multi National Force-Iraq has equipped the Iraqi military and the Iraqi ational Police with Glock sidearms.

Insas rifles

Insas is an abbreviation for Indian National Small Arms System. It is a long range automatic rifle and is being used by the police for over five years. The Insas rifle design is based on AK-47 but with modifications and is manufactured by Ordnance Factory in West Bengal. According to the police, Insas rifles are effective for controlling extremists and insurgency.
Weapons siezed from naxals
Naxal weapons
Rifles Naxals (Arms looted from Nayagarh by naxals Source: THE HINDU )
Naxal weapons on display (Source: NAXALNAXALITEMAOIST)

recovered rocket missiles from the Naxal-infested forests in Mahabubnagar district. AP